I was born in South Korea and When I was 17 (2007) I moved to Japan ( Tokyo ) and studied Music - Solo performance - Compose. I moved to London in 2014 and I had been focusing on making music and building a carrier as a music producer and a singer. In my childhood, I danced 'Korean traditional dance' and 'ballet' and always wanted to do the contemporary dance which I felt it was too 'advance' for me and never had a chance to go to class.

About 3 years ago, I finally decided to try. Nothing was stopping me to go to class. At first, I struggled with my body and my mind. but I was slowly breaking my limitation and awareness of my blockage bring me so much joy in my life.

During the class, I started to take the video of students just to share to check our movement later. If you are in London and would like to explore your body and mind I highly recommend Adrian Del Arroyo's class.


That was the beginning of my Journey into the videography of Dance. Eventually, I got a chance to film a contemporary dance company 'Stream movement' led by Adrian Del Arroyo's piece for 'Mobile Dance Film Festival in LA'. 

During this period as a Singer, I was asked to perform in the Gallery Opening Events and Exhibitions. 'The Rectory Project','OXO tower Exhibition','Take courage Gallery''Voice of Aiko' 'Exchange Project'.
And I naturally asked for more collaboration with the Dance Company.
As a different role from a videographer to co-performer and I developed more experience in 'Site- Specific' Performance.

Since then, I slowly got more fond of taking a video of movement as well.

Being in the role of a performer and an observer gave me so many aspects of my inner state. 

There are so many questions every-process of creating.
Not sure If I getting the 'absolute' answer from it. or If there is.

At some point I just let it flow and trust 'process' itself and learn not to hold on the 'Fixed perception' of the result. So It is still ongoing processing.

It feels like could change the past-present-future same time.

And I think when I create something It is not just for my experience. It is the whole collective conscious flow whether it is tangibly showing or not. We change our life as well simultaneously.

So I do focus on enormous Inner work same time.

And I don't know who is going to pass my life and I will pass their life.
But I know will be there for the right purpose. 


EKE from Katowice

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