Ship Wrecked - Film, Edit (2020)

After Long but short life Journey in London last 6 years, I was drifting without the place that I could call 'HOME'.

And stopped-over in Berlin and met this Mysterious Collective.

I was looking for a dancer who can be 'Adam' for my other project. And I 'Coincidently' connected with One of the Dancers in this Collective. Renan manhaes 

He became like a rabbit from Alice in wonderland and led me to this 'Ship Wrecked' and I became an observer.

As I was drifting off my life,  'Chaos Emblematic' presents 'Ship Wrecked' became really funny narrative of my life.

Because I found the Home after.




So on the shooting day.

I didn't know what to expect at first.
especially when there is no 'stage' I feel like just scanning the space and the vibe and people around that space is the first things to do.

I arrived when they were having final rehearse, So just quickly checked their flow and shoot briefly.

Challenge is I think I don't know each performer's movement as if there is a choreographed move or improvised move. 

and I don't know who is going to be where and who is going to move drastically or be still or who is leading this scene next

or if there is even.

Just hoping that I could have 360-degree eyes and luckily capture the moment.

It is almost like capturing life.
I don't know what is going to happen.
If I missed something that I wouldn't know What I missed.

I shoot the second day as well, so had more spectrum
but still, I only see what I focused on or what I 'like' to focus on.

I was with the wave of energy of performers.
Floating on the ocean together. 

One thing that I was curious about was the experience as
being an 'audience'  with stillness on one seat place.  
I would never know how would that feel.

Just watching the storm of energy in front of you.
You only see what is close to you. 
you miss what is far away from your seat.
from where you decided to be still.

The Director of this collective is Britt Angus who is a Canadian contemporary dance artist- performing, producing films, choreography, and interdisciplinary events in Berlin, Germany.

She has a very sophisticated world that she created and I feel like I want to touch that world.
Endless vast fields with unknown flowers smell of the autumn wind.

I am glad that I could feel that nostalgic world. 


check her 'fields' out here. 

Directed by Britt Angus and Nicolas Black Elk

Choreography by Britt Angus

Music by Nicolas Black Elk 

Styling by Concluded Vienna 

Makeup by Agata Bernik 

Dancers: Jessica Akers, Nicolas Black Elk, Haley Fox, Amr Karkout, Anna-Roza Kyrani, Renan Alves Manhães, Sofi Seta, Phoenix Strauss, Shannon Walsh

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