Question Note

I wrote some Questions during the process of making video.

I thought I could share this as part of the work.

1. Am I delivering the Actual Energy?⁣
2.If it is different, is it bad or good?⁣
3. Am I capturing the flow? Or cutting the flow?⁣
4. How much  can I be adding my creativity and how much I should focus on to deliver

    'How actually it was?'⁣
5. Am I happy? Is collaborator happy? Are viewers happy?⁣
6. What is the meaning of the speed.⁣
7. What was the actual speed on the day?⁣
8. What director was trying to deliver?⁣
9. Did I manage it? If not, which part, and how much different?⁣

10. What is the best way to deliver site-specific performance?⁣
11. When everything is happening the same time in a different background,

     where is the decision to choose one section?⁣
12.Is it better to double the video? So we can see the different scene at the same time? ⁣
13. What is the difference between other videographer and me?⁣
14. Why people want me to edit their video? And why people wouldn't want me to edit their video?⁣
15. My strength? And Weekness?⁣
16. Can I see all the perspective and still be able to choose a unique decision?

      Or defeated by all the perspectives and lost my uniqueness?⁣
17. How can I breathe with the speed.⁣
18.Put the B-cut for sake of expending the speed or length? ⁣
19. How do I feel 'imperfection' footages.⁣

20. what is 'imperfection' footage? What does it tell me?⁣
21. Is the video boring to watch? Is it captivating?⁣
22. What do I want to deliver through the video?⁣
23. where is the connection of the story and actual show and the video?⁣
24. if it all different, is it bad? Or good? How can I judge?⁣
25. what is the criteria?⁣
26. How I see or feel the world in daily life affects the video flow.⁣

27.What practical things I can do to slow down.

28. Ask How did I actually see as an audience?

29.Is the video connected with the identity of the company?

30. how was the previous presentation of this company?

31. How is the vibe, colour, taste of this company?

32. How can I improve my perspectives? And decision making?

33. Having an opinion? Or being stubborn with one idea?

34. When it is a Full performance video and have a missing part

       or B- part How can I fill-in? Should I fill-in?

35. when there is so many 'good' shot of each act at the same time,

      how can I manage the balance of speed and also If I have to cut, where this decision coming from?

36.what is my intention of each section?

37.Is there? Or just add the 'good scene' to look better?

Is that bad? Or good?

38.My concern of viewer might not want to watch the long video if it gets less dynamic.; where is come from? Is it true? Or in my head. How can I measure?.

39. How do I feel the part that I didn't shoot which I would never know how it was.

40. If the intension of the actual performance and the intension of the video is different, Is it still okay? Or 'wrong'?

41.what is my responsibility to be shooter and editor? (Is there? Or not really?)

42. Each performer has their own opinion of how their movement to be captured? Satisfied? Or not? If not, what is? Will I know? Or too late? Nothing I can control? Accept?

43. What do I want to focus or aim for next project?

44. How much can I trust my work?

45. Who this is for? 

46. What is left?

47. How were the differences from previous work?

48. is there perception changed? Or still?

49. if still, why? Good? Bad? / If not, why how? Good? Bad?

50. How can I open to other perception? What is the boundary? 

51. What is the purpose of this video in the world?

52. what was the message? Why didn't I question? Good to not to know? Or else? Restriction? Or abandonment of responsibility of delivery? Or the child's eyes without pre-perception?

53. What if there is no Background music or different music, how will my outcome change?

54. What is the advantage of a video? And Limitation for this kind of performance?

55.How can I get fresh eyes.

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