sepia in color, Edit (2020)

Director Raphael miro holzer's newest work from the Blueprint series: The dance (d) poem "Sepia in color"

Still, Digesting some thoughts of this project. Eventho this was the simplest edit that I had done. Yet, still took a month to get to this last result. from the frantic cut version in an earlier stage.

You can see it is a quite different vibe than another video that I edited.

Almost Plain. But it is the most difficult.

Another version has different background sounds, more edited.

As Director Raphael wanted this edit to be less cut,  'Only cut when it is necessary'.

I am just trying to see this with long one breathe.
Hope this will improve my vision of my life.

In this video, you can hear a very nostalgic voice from the dancer Joel cojal

His voice is very special even sounds like Sepia.

És com de color sepia, innocent i feliç. Pero en la solitud de la realitat sento la seva absència. 

Impotent em pregunto "per qué?' , sabent que és inútil.


It's like sepia in colour, innocent and happy. But in the loneliness of reality, I feel its absence. Powerless I ask myself "why?", Knowing that it is useless"

Director - raphaelmiroholzer 

Interpretator - Joel Cojal

Original Music - Cecilla Bartoli - Sposa son disprezzata

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