The Art of Silence - Film, Edit (2019)

This is a short project that I involved with a beautiful mixture of Choreographer 'Chloe Bellou', Dancer 'Daniel Rodriguez', And Poem from 'Maxime Le Günzel'.

This piece entered my life silently, Silence in the middle and left alone in silence for years.

How much silence that I had to encounter to learn something from it. what was the meaning of it? Why I have to encounter this piece in this period.

Suffering from the silence, Silence from the pain, Silence from the enlightenment, Silence from the ignorance, and Violence.

Inner silence and outer silence. 

And here, The Art of Silence.

Choreograph - Chloe Bellou

Dancer - Daniel Rodriguez

Music - 5.3 Courante by Peter Gregson /Edited by Yiannis S

Poem Inspiration - Maxime Le Günzel

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