The Hive Minuet - Shoot, Edit, Sound Design (Teaser, Short Film) (2018)

So! This is 'The Hive Minuet.'
The first short dance film that I filmed.

It was quite abrupt opportunity.

One day, Director of the Company Adrian Del Arroyo Contacted me
Asking me if I can take the video. As I had been taking his classes and taking the video of his class.

He wanted to apply his piece to 'Mobile dance film festival'.

I was a bit worried about my skill if I am good enough or not and excitement half.

As he told me the deadline is in 7 days, I asked when should we film then? he said 'Tomorrow'.
IT WAS a Huge pressure! 

So quickly I prepared some portfolio with a rough idea of camera angle etc based on the rehearsing video if I remember right.
and I showed it to him that night.

The next day, We finally started to film.
As it was my first time, I just a bit nervous if I can do it well or not,
Hope I am getting all the scene.

I also wore some nice dresses to blend into dancers.
(You can see the behind the scene video below)​

All the dancers were SO BEAUTIFUL and that energy was... SO INTENSE.​

Everyone was sparkling.

Next few days, almost slept 4-5hours. I edited the video 
I was just so thrilled EVERY SINGLE SCENE.
Almost having an orgasm by just editing and watching it. 

I mixed some sounds like bees buzzing in the intro with the director Del Arroyo's Voice.

and After some back and forth to adjust the scene with Director.
Finally, we applied.
And this was my beginning.

One experience brings another one and another one.
here I am.




'I live in a beehive'
'Sweet and glossy'
'Just like Honey'
'Where everyone has a weapon'
'My Pain is bound with bandages of beautiful silk'
'bands that contain me'
'so that I do not spill so I can not escape'
'beautiful silk dress that incarcerates me'
'inside of which, I rot'




This is the video of me taking the video with my phone.
and You can see my moves also how the angle actually looks like.

So far, I had been filming all the material with my iPhone.
I tried gimbal, but to capturing dancers it was somehow limiting me.

Maybe I am not used to using it. So If I have a change I would like to try with gimbal and with the proper camera.

​​but so far, It was enough for capturing the moment.

Original music by: Juan J OchoaCostumes By: Neobotanic LtdCA Contemporary Dance Company: Athena Reissis, Clémence Debaig, Daniel Rodriguez, Emilie Martin, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Jeremy Richards, Ana, Sancho, Marialivia Bernardi, Mathilde Pinlou, Pedro De Marchi, Theo Awda, Jessie Abramson , Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, Ankur Singh, Stephanie McMahon, Cordelia McMahon, Shahar Elisha.

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