The Rectory Projects - Edit (2018)

This was back in 2018. I was with one of my Artist friend Joshua who was sculpting my arm to bronze,

That day, Samuele who was organizing the exhibition and asked me if I know 'any' dancers for his music video project. 
So, for obvious reasons, I connected with the dance company that I worked with and ended up performing at the exhibition together.

As a videographer,

Only this time I collected all the footage from the Audience later and Edited them.

Everyone has a different perspective, Angle, Quality they captured the moment.

The art piece from Bea Bonafini which we could actually hold and perform with it made it more intense.

Also When I entered Anne Ryan's room with shapes of body sculpture middle of it...

I felt the distance from the outside of that room. 

I was emotionally overwhelmed when we just finished performing.

About last year, I was passing by this place when I was heading back home.
I got off the station and visited there.

The door was opened. I went to back yard where all that chaos happened.

and set down one of the rusty chairs.
I could hear the wind, leaves on the tree were clapping.
Sunlight was being restless. 

It was calm. empty. 

and listening to my heartbeat.

All began when Joshua was making my arm with bronze, 
That Arm learned to let go and able to wave.

It began when Jehovah formed man of the dust from the ground.


I was in the Rectory Projects.​

These videos were the day I was participating in the processing of making my arm sculpture.

You can see both Joshua and Samuel in these videos.

And I actually put my hair and a little bit of blood. 

So that bronze actually became part of me.

I do feel like this bronze arm is holding something that I need more power to hold.

which I don't want to let go of. No matter what.

'Hand of salvation'.


The Rectory Project

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