Sera EKE - The space between us Stop-Motion-Animation - self-production (2017)

This is what I made for my music back in 2017.

The first time, and the last (?) to do this stop-motion animation. 

Never say Never,  but it was coming from this experience that it was really challenging to do all the things by myself.

And I really owe of people in this Industry.

Would love to explore more idea of this stop motion process.



And If I think about it now, which now I am capturing actual 'human' being which I have no control.

I guess It gave me a new insight which from the process of controlling Every single second.

Every second, I had to change the doll's position and also the camera angle at the same time.

And Also bring the story into it with emotion.


I had a 'Rough' Idea of a storyline. but didn't know it will come out this way. Maybe I had a glimpse of the experience of 'Creator' of this world. When I finished shooting, I had to put them away in my shoebox. and I felt so sad and emptiness as they were in the corner of my room for a few months.

And I do feel they are still inside of me, I am inside of them.
​Also, They are me and I am them. 

Sera EKE is My Identity as Singer-songwriter, Producer, Performer

I had been based in London Last 6 years. Released several Singles and EPs.

Now I am in Poland Based Aiming for More Collaboration as a Musician and Multidisciplinary Artist

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